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Jane Sytek 


various flutes

penny whistle

hammered dulcimer

Rick Davies 


6 & 12 string acoustic & electric guitars

drums & various percussion instruments

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Sytek and Davies is a Fusion-Folk Rock music duet with albums full of compelling original material to their credit and a sound that at times harkens back to the late 60's experimental/folk-rock revolution. Thei music has been referred to as "utterly captivating mythological symbolism"...(Glen Rowe, Toronto Music Promoter). With the combination of aggressive flute-work, the unusual and uncluttered melodic structure of their songs, guitars, flutes, recorders and hammered dulcimer, the sound is eclectic and fresh. With their philosophical, poetic and spiritual approach to music Sytek and Davies are charting new territory.



In the early 1980's before teaming up with Jane, Rick was regularly performing the clubs and colleges of the Midwest United States. In early 1984 the couple began working together drawing on Jane's classical flute background, bridging folk, rock, and experimental jazz into their own distinctive sound.

Since that time Sytek and Davies have toured extensively, receiving high marks for their unusual shows. While playing colleges and corporate events has been the focus, they have appeared in a variety of settings including cable television, coffeehouses, festivals, radio shows, private events, and the occasional pub.

Their 1994 CD/cassette release of Spindrift and Wood, which featured many semi-classical nods,  garnered press internationally. 

Their follow-up 2005 CD, entitled From the Shadow of the Citadel saw the couple's music reach a larger audience with a more band oriented approach.

2017 promises their latest collection of songs in their upcoming yet-to-be-titled vinyl/cd release.  Stay tuned!


"Sytek and Davies give an entertaining performance that is hard to equal"
Campus Activities Today

"For those who missed this fabulous performance, I can only say
don't make the same mistake if you get another chance to see them...
if I were a king, these troubadours would be welcome at my castle anytime."
Jim Pappas III, McKendree College Review
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