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We are busy (literally as I write this) rehearsing and recording new music! Its been a long while... we share our time with more pressing career pursuits in the piano restoration and service industry. We stopped playing out in 2008 after 25 years of travel in the US and Canada markets where we gigged at mostly college auditoriums and small stages and played to audiences of all sizes., In 2008 both of us found ourselves needing a change, and a fresh perspective musically. In the meantime, life happened (as it often does) and time passed. We're back and now find ourselves enjoying a fresh musical journey; new ideas, new ambitions, and exciting new collaborators!!. The upcoming record will be our 5th studio project. This time, as back in 1980, we will also release a vinyl record, along with our typical CD and online files et al. Check our Facebook for up to date material, some studio pics and soundbites, and whatever our whimsical musical world produces! Until we meet again, Hugs, Love and All Good Things. Rick and Jane

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